Feast of Saint Patrick– Our Way of Celebrating & Spreading Happiness

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Hogg's Hollow Preschool sponsored by Weestep! Kids enjoyed the time together with their parents and got a pair of Weestep shoes for free!

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Over the centuries various nations have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and it has become a worldwide event of green gatherings!

We understand the value of celebrating cultural events- it keeps our heritage alive, and we’ve our own way of celebrating & spreading happiness. Recently, Hogg’s Hollow Preschool organized a track and field event on St. Patric’s Day sponsored by us.  This event is to spread happiness & develop a connect between parents and children. 

The event took place on 16th March 2018; the result was that there was happiness all around. Our efforts together with the school team made it a remarkable and fun day. To add more excitement and happiness in the lives of children, we gifted free pair of shoes to every kid participating. We have been sponsoring such events for a long time, the ultimate aim is to spread happiness and help children have better knowledge about their culture and heritage.  

A well planned event presence not only help us attain better ROI, but most importantly enable us to put a smile on people’s face. If we specially talk about sports event organized at Hogg’s Hollow Preschool, we can proudly say that we put a magical smile on the faces of parents and kids. Years of experience and care towards community has made them number one choice of all!

Building good will: Our Eventual Aim!

Sponsoring social/Sports events help us better contribute to community. At Weestep we understand the importance of social events and their impact on the community and youth specially. These activities instill loyalty and passion in us! We realize the importance of having healthy feet. Therefore, our team designs and distributes shoes that support health and flexibility. We have the shoes that will add shine to your child’s personality and surely will light and delight you.

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